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GivethePeopleWhatTheyWantWikiUserLUMPENPROLETARIAT—No, they don’t Sharon.  A plutocracy is not a true democracy.  Neither is a kleptocracy.  Neither is an oligarchy.  These forms of social organisation, organised by the rich and powerful, the suburban and the affluent, will always prey, vampire-like, upon the most vulnerable, whether consciously or unconsciously.  Give the people what they want, my friends.  They want equal rights and socioeconomic justice.



“Give the People What They Want” (2014) by Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings


Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings Live at Nancy Jazz Pulsations 2010

Intro (Bosco Mann)
If you call (Bosco Mann)
Without a heart (Bosco Mann)
Give it back (D. Guy)
When I come home (Bosco Mann)
The game gets old (D. Guy)
Money (Bosco Mann)
She ain’t a child no more (Bosco Mann)
I learned the my man (Bosco Mann)
I’m not gonna cry (T. Brenneck)
Window shopping (W. Gordon)
Better things (H. Steinweiss)
Interlude et Mean Man (Bosco Mann)
This land is your land (Woody Gunthrie)
One hundred days (Bosco Mann)
Reprise of 100 days Destination End (Bosco Mann)


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