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War_The_World_Is_a_Ghetto_Wikipedia (27 APR 2015)LUMPENPROLETARIAT—Life outside the green zone, with the march of time, brings deproletarianisation: One hundred workers, but only eighty jobs being offered by the capitalist owners of the means of production.  Yesterday, it was ninety.  What’s next?  Human emancipation or incarceration?  The choice is yours, my friends.

The World Is a Ghetto is the fifth album by the band War, released in late 1972 on United Artists Records.

In 2012, this classic album from the Southern California hoods, where brown and black lowriders were comrades, was re-released on CD in a 40th anniversary expanded edition with four previously unreleased bonus tracks.

01. The Cisco Kid
02. Where Was You At
03. City, Country, City
04. Four Cornered Room
05. The World Is A Ghetto
06. Beetles In The Bog

Bonus 40th Anniversary edition tracks
07. Freight Train Jam
08. 58 Blues
09. War Is Coming
10. The World Is A Ghetto (rehearsal take)



The World Is a Ghetto” by War (1972, 2012)


“I knew we met each other this morning for a reason
Thinking, talking, we’ve worked out our problems
Looked like we should have better days in front
Just because we took our time to think and talk
For a much better understanding

As I sit in my four cornered room…

As we sit here in my four cornered room
I can feel all y’all’s deepest emotions
I know I can’t talk right
But I’m feeling something in the depths of my soul

I can understand where you’re coming from
Y’all coming from my four cornered room
That four cornered room, y’all”

—from “Four Cornered Room” by War [SongwritersHAROLD BROWN (b. 1946), SYLVESTER ALLEN, MORRIS “B.B.” DICKERSON (b. 1949), LEROY L. JORDAN (b. 1948), HOWARD E. SCOTT (b. 1946), LEE OSKAR (b. 1948), CHARLES W. MILLER (1939-1980)]


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