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 LUMPENPROLETARIAT—With my in-breath, I visualise a still lake, still water.*  Peaceful.  With my out-breath, I see myself as still as the lake, reflecting its reality perfectly.  Peaceful.  Reflected perfectly in the water, with our minds still and calmed, we can see the truth without distortion.

Tied to a Star is J Mascis’ second solo studio album.  His first was 2011’s Several Shades of Why.  Beyond publishing music with Dinosaur, Jr., J Mascis has released solo recordings of live performances, such as Martin + Me (1996), The John Peel Sessions (2003), J and Friends Sing and Chant for Amma (2005), and J Mascis Live at CBGB’s (2006).                     -Messina

Tied to Star, personnel:

  • J Mascis was on guitars and vocals.
  • Ken Maiuri was on the piano.
  • Paul Jenkins was also on guitars and vocals.
  • Mark Mulcahy contributed vocals.
  • Chan Marshall contributed vocals.
  • Cat Power contributed vocals to the song entitled “Wide Awake”.


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* Thanks and praise to ZTNH.