Citizen Solidarity Rally Gathered at Antioch Police Department to Support Families of Community Members Killed By Cops


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LUMPENPROLETARIAT[Sunday, 1 MAY 2022]  Yesterday, Saturday (30 APR 2022), there was an organized solidarity rally at 4pm (16:00 PDT) in Antioch, California at the Antioch Police Department.  KTVU 2 News was at the scene capturing a bit of video and an interview or two, although they left before the press conference ended.  CBS News was also briefly in attendance.  The citizen solidarity rally was announced, among other places, on free speech Pacifica Radio on Friday.  Davey D, host of free speech Pacifica Radio’s Hard Knock Radio program, allowed fellow KPFA programmer, Free Wheelin’ Franklin Sterling, a bit of airtime to announce the rally on the radio. [1]


Fascist policing against society’s most vulnerable populations since the 1990s, since the 1960s, since the 20th Century, since the 19th Century, since the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, has rendered society lacking in empathy.  And it has rendered the whole population vulnerable to a police state, which is extending over the whole of society, even scheming to control our thoughts.  For example, the Biden administration has been kicking around the idea of installing a Truth Czar, or a ‘Ministry of Truth’, since 2021.  And now President Biden has approved the creation of a “Disinformation Governance Board”.  That sounds like George Orwell’s dystopian “Ministry of Truth” to me.  As The New York Post has reported, “The board will be led by Nina Jankowicz – a disinformation expert who has been criticized for repeatedly casting doubt on The Post’s reporting about Hunter Biden’s laptop.”  Let’s ask ourselves:  Do we prefer democracy or inverted totalitarianism?  The former requires work to actualize.  The latter only requires passivity and uncritical compliance.  The choice is yours, and mine.

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There was a citizen solidarity rally at 4pm (16:00 EDT) in Antioch, California yesterday, at the Antioch Police Station, as announced Friday (29 APR 2022) by Free Wheelin’ Franklin Sterling on Pacifica Radio’s Hard Knock Radio with Davey D (KPFA, Berkeley, CA).  Neighbors, community members, and other concerned people came out to support various families, who have had loved ones murdered by cops.  We learned at the rally that, instead of holding officers accountable for their abuses, at least one officer was recently awarded a promotion.


Before the formal commencement, a community member was inspired to exercise her First Amendment rights and human rights to share some remarks about her concerns and frustrations around America’s fascist police state. Whether a layperson or expert, everyone has a right and responsibility to speak out in the face of injustice. If you see something, say something.

Free Wheelin’ Franklin Sterling organized this rally. And he opened the proceedings with remarks about being beaten and abused by police. He is a broadcaster from free speech KPFA (Pacifica Radio Network) in Berkeley. Although, presumably, his advocacy for social justice is his own. KPFA seems to have shown no interest in this important rally, as they made no arrangements for any KPFA press coverage. And Franklin Sterling made no public indication that he is a KPFA/Pacifica Radio broadcaster.

The Quinto Family spoke out about the killing of their family member, Angelo Quinto.

Free Wheelin’ Franklin Sterling on Back The Blue (Facebook page), also a guest speaker via telephone. Notice the corporate TV correspondent lady in red, leaving before the press conference ended.  (Evidently, they got what they needed.)

Antioch City Council member spoke out

Citizen, neighbor, and longtime activist shared his experiences, including having sued the CIA for abuse (or ‘mental distress’).

Public citizen, longtime activist, humanitarian, and blogger

Free Wheelin’ Franklin Sterling discussed the importance of mobilizing support for police accountability, the role of the press, the role of free speech KPFA radio and the Pacifica Radio network…

[1]  That was probably the first mention of this important event on Pacifica Radio, a network whose mission statement is social justice.  It seems Pacifica Radio bosses don’t care about social justice anymore because they don’t keep the public informed about the most important news of all, news of upcoming mobilizations for socioeconomic justice.  After all, what is the purpose of the freedom of press, but to inculcate an an informed citizenry?  And what is an informed citizenry, but to act for justice? 

Surely, the purpose of the press is not to entertain people into inaction, or into a passive depoliticized and demobilized state of mass psychology, which is incapable of critical thinking or resisting state mandates or dictates, which do not make sense.  If there were a flood, the job of the press would be to warn the people, el pueblo, to spread the word, organize their own communities, and respond accordingly.  Well, there is a flood of political corruption coming from both corporate political parties, and a flood corporate malfeasance, and a flood of  VAERS data, indicating tens of thousands of deaths due to the cytoxic experimental COVID-19 injectable drug products, which America’s top shady drug-pusher Mr. Anthony Fauci, has been pushing unilaterally on the American population.  In the past, when pandemics occurred committees of the nation’s senior doctors would correspond and compare notes about what they’re finding is working with their patients to put together an accumulating common stock of knowledge.  Something is obviously wrong when, suddenly, we have one doctor, who has never treated, nor healed, a single patient for COVID-19, is the dictator of all medicine and science.  In fact, at one point, Mr. Fauci received some public ridicule for suggesting he is science, for if you criticize him, he argued, you’re criticizing science.  What hubris.  But the “liberal bias”, which controls most of the establishment media/press, including free speech Pacifica Radio’s news departments at KPFA, WBAI, and WPFW, uncritically repeat and amplify such hubris.

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